1) ***Lesson payments for the month are due at the last lesson of the previous month.*** 

2) September-November and February-April are considered fixed tuition months based on a four week month average. Five week months generally balance out three week November and April months due to Thanksgiving and Spring Break holidays.

     The remaining months are considered flex months.


1) Unexcused lessons missed by the students will not be rescheduled, credited, or refunded.  An excused absence is a) student illness, b) extreme emergency, or c) a death in the family.  Only one excused makeup lesson per semester will be granted.  Please notify Mr. Phillips directly at least 24 hours in advance if a lesson will be missed. Flexibility to the makeup policy is possible if approved by Mr. Phillips.

2) It is the student's responsibility to contact the teacher if a lesson is to be missed. Mr. Phillips' cell phone number is 770-262-5240. This is the contact number for lesson missed. Non US students may contact by email if text, phone, or video chat is not available.

3) Any lesson missed or cancelled by Mr. Phillips is his responsibility to make up. Teacher cancels not made up will be credited back to the student in a timely manner.

4) Withdrawal policy: A 30 day written notice is required if a student wishes to terminate music instruction.  The student will be financially responsible for lessons that occur withing the 30 days from the date notice is given.

5) Students and parents will be notified of updates or revisions to these policies as necessary over time.


Sandy Springs, GA studio:

30 minutes:   120.00/monthly
45 minutes:   180/monthly
60 minutes:   240/monthly

In Home Lessons:

30 minutes:   145/monthly
45 minutes:   215/monthly
60 minutes:   290/monthly

Video Lessons:

30 minutes: 110/monthly

45 minutes: 165/monthly

60 minutes: 220/monthly

(Homeschool day students receive a 15% discount.)

Video lesson tuition payments may be made by check in the mail, Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. Please add 3% processing fee for noncheck payments.

Rates are subject to change due to inflationary adjustments.