Basic Video Lesson Questions

How does it work?


-tablet (ipad or other), laptop, computer, or smart phone
 -Facetime (ipad), Skype, or Google Hangout video programs.

     The student's camera should be in a position so the instructor may have a view of the student's keyboard,  hands, and arms while playing.

     An additional device is helpful to transfer weekly assignment pages and occasional music info pages between student and teacher via text messaging.

How do they differ from ordinary lessons?

     Video lessons are a remarkably efficient form of music instruction, both in results and in using concise language.  There can be savings in drive time, more privacy for the student, and more flexibility in scheduling makeup lessons.

What times are available?
     Time slots usually available are morning and early afternoon (US EST), although later day slots may be available.  Time zones factor into the time of day of your lesson (see time zone chart).

How much do they cost?
     Video piano lessons are the most affordable type of format we offer.